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Anna is an entrepreneur,

Realtor, podcast host, coach, and speaker.

Over 40 and desperate to change the narrative of her life, Anna decided to alter her course and finally begin a career that she had been too afraid to pursue when she was younger. Filled with self-doubt but exhilarated, she forged ahead despite the negative thoughts and feedback.

With grit and a growth mindset, Anna made it and along the way found tremendous financial success, her voice, and her “why”: to empower other women to do the same. 

Anna especially likes to help empower women who, too, are in Chapter 3. What is Chapter 3? It’s the 40 to 50-something years where women sometimes find themselves a bit lost and useless. These years can lead to an identity crisis, where women wonder what their place in the world is. Some have been out of the workforce raising kids, some have been working in jobs they don’t love, some feel unfulfilled in their lives or in their relationships. 

Because she’s in Chapter 3 and has “been there, done that,” Anna aspires to help women of every age to embrace fear and failure, welcome change, and find their new paths so they can feel empowered and write the beginning of what will be a remarkable chapter in their lives.

All topics center around women’s empowerment and can be modified to cater to audiences of many ages, from college students to those in their 60s.

Overcoming Fear and Failure

Inaction is often fueled by fear…fear of failure and sometimes fear of success. We form excuses such as “I can’t,” which really translates to “I won’t.” Anna identifies the fears and insecurities that lead us to make excuses that can paralyze our growth, both personally and professionally. Once we overcome the stigma of failure and realize that failures fuel victories then we can change our mindset and decide that we “will do” even though it may not turn out exactly how we hoped it would.

Embracing Change with a Growth Mindset

Once we identify the fears that hold us back and embrace failure as something that can advance growth, then we can free ourselves to make choices that will lead us to our goals. Anna discusses how we can remove self-doubt, overcome our fear of failure, and embrace our choices by employing a growth mindset, which allows us to keep the needle moving forward in the face of adversity and change.

Identifying a New Path and Moving Forward

With confidence that we have the power to change and take a new path, we can identify what drives us. By reflecting on our goals and envisioning our future selves we can start to discern what makes us feel empowered and what we can do to achieve that feeling. Working on discovering our “why” will help us to attain our goals and become the people that we ultimately want to be. This is how we all can start a new chapter in our lives.  

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